Friday, July 1, 2016

Mom's Diary contd....

Kids – the power house of liveliness and epitome of innocence; each and every moment they teach us something. It is great to see them grow in front of our eyes; daily a step is taken by them for improvement- be it is their sense of how much interactive they are or language they speak or taste they love. An interesting part of their growth is watching them talk and their vocabulary development.

The journey from their first word spoken to the complete communication is utter delight; the moment they say Maa and then papa, then slowly calling everyone by the relation they have with them and then slowly all verbs for what they want to do or eat or drink or any particular toy they want or anything. Whatever they say in their accent is pure bliss and music to the ears; they have their own tone and pronunciation. Few words that they speak are quite the exact of what we say, few words sound quite familiar which at least you can make out what it is and few words that they say are totally different having absolutely no relation or logic behind it, it is actually discovered by them from nowhere. These words are so funny and you don’t get them until they explicitly describe for what they want. These words sound so cute that I thought I will just jot them down so that I don’t forget them in future. So friends, here is my son’s explanation of few words:

Tomato – Mamato
Potato – Papato
Buffalo – Babato
Octopus – Aupoka
Water – Oppo
Onion – Peena
Balloon – Bujin
Oats – Auaaww
Good night – Jhinga
Buttermilk – Batenin
Injection - Ingush
Fire – Nam nam and etc etc…

I just love when my son speaks these words; he is so innocent but so confident at the same time that what he is saying is definitely the correct word to describe them.

Hey all mommies out there, please share your kid’s vocabulary; I am sure you all too know such cutely expressed words spoken by your kids, let us all enjoy that tickle and keep a note in blog and thus in memory and get pleasure from the laughter later in future as well. 

Till then, happy motherhood J

Monday, June 13, 2016


I don’t drive so I have the privilege to look here and there while in bus or on roads commuting to office and while on my way back home. Out of the many things that we do while travelling (if not driving) is listening to radio. I always see people with their earphones and mobile and they will be listening to radio, while walking, sitting idle in bus, while crossing the road; they will be listening to radio most of the time.

And not just this, those who drive, generally in most of the cases will also switch on the radio and enjoy the music; at home when doing some boring stuff or any household chore, we play the radio and enjoy it till we are done with our work. So, basically radio even though itself a non living thing to be precise but it brings life in our daily lives.

I remember when I was a kid, utility of radio used to be different; it was used for music just for certain particular hours and people could afford it easily and used it for listening to news and commentary. It has proved to be best buddy after books and it removed the boredom from many lives. And gradually radio has evolved so much and now there are so many different channels or frequencies to make a choice from and so many radio jockeys who are really talented, although these RJs are not right in front of us but even being somewhere else, they are so much interactive that it seems that they are right in front and chatting with us. And not just songs, radios are also so much informative and interesting; they give traffic updates, they help us making someone bakra by special requests, they organize different contests and gift so many goodies, they organize interviews not just with movie and television celebs but with real life heroes and other responsible citizens and thus help in sharing so many informative things, they share jokes, they do sports commentary, and so much more. They play different kinds of music at different times in order to suit and meet everyone's choice. And end of the day, you don’t have the guilt of being couch potato because while listening to radio, you do some other task as well unlike watching idiot box when you literally sit and munch on something and just watch tv.

In short, radio reduces the complexities and tensions of life ( at least for few minutes when you hear your favourite song or listening to something that really interests you) and bring back the energy and spark to move on. So, I feel that radio has definitely a very special place in our heart because it brings a splash of music, a dash of laughter, a squeeze of romance, a pinch of awareness, a bit of information and all this with a touch of love.

At the end I would like to thank with all my heart to all the radio frequencies and the lovely RJs, RJs because you guys make our day J                   

Note: Totally understand that you love radio but at least when you are driving two wheeler or crossing road, don’t put on the headphone; you can anyway record or listen later. J

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Now I type this title “HOW TO STAY POSITIVE?” in my best buddy’s GOOGLE  page and I got some 2,74,00,000 answers -  wooooo ; so I guess apart from me there are many else who can tell how to stay positive or the other way round there are many who are in search of answers for this question.
I read a few of those and they were too technical – identify a possible cause; keep a journal; analyze the cause AND I clicked the back button. Like the way time flies, I wanted some sure shot and quick techniques.

When I feel low, I desperately sense the urge to transform my mood and that too by doing something that will refresh me instantly; I guess no one at that point of time when they really feel too low, takes the technical way to stay positive. Those techniques straightway jump to the to-do list for the future for further analysis.

But exactly, if we think on it for a while; we all know answers for both the categories – technical and practical but applying the right technique at right time is the root cause of this whole mess.
So, what exactly we can do to stay positive:

1. Eat something which you really love like Ice cream – it’s the ultimate comfort food unless you are watching your weight. Or pani-puri or some kebab; you of course have a whole world to make a choice from;
2. Listen to your favorite songs; could be the loud one listening to which you feel and imagine that you are taking revenge from the villain of your life; or some soft pace song which can give you peace of mind and heart; 
3.  Dance: you could be a pathetic dancer but how does it matter, you dance for yourself and not for anyone else. Play the tune and dance however you want as if no one is watching; nothing else but watching yourself dance like a ………… will give you a great laugh; (this blank you can fill up depending on your own credibility :-) )
4. Watch Tom and Jerry of course in you tube; its readily available after all; 
5. Just go out and shop; you definitely will be having some item in the back of your mind that you have been planning from long to buy but did not get a chance yet; 
6.  Treat yourself by spending some time all alone doing what you want:  read a book, give your feet some rest by taking a foot bath, head massage etc. You don’t have to go to a parlour, you can do all this by yourself; 
7.  Remember your childhood; see your mark sheets, albums; remembering those good old days will take you to a different world at least for a few minutes and you will realize that life had not been so bad always.
There are many ways to keep yourself in high spirits, it’s just that you have to know which one you want to pick. Always we have to remember one thing that the life we all live is much better than those of many else. So there is no point in cribbing about your problems, thinking too much about the issues and concerns and thus unnecessarily complicating the life. 

Just chill, everything is fine or if it is not fine, it will be fine. Good or bad, time will pass and one has to move on; you can neither hold on the good things or bad things.

Thoda hass lo, muskura lo, jee lo…. Zindagi itni bhi buri nahi . :-) :-) :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

YES, I am a working woman.

YES, I am a working woman and by my own choice;

YES, I am a working woman and I might not be the sole breadwinner of a household but yes, I have my own share in bringing up the household;

YES, I am a working woman and of course I still feel the affection for the dependability of bringing a new life to this world;

YES, I am a working woman and I accept the fact to restart afresh and prove myself all over again after I return to my workplace after months of leave;

YES, I am a working woman and I put on make-up and wear ironed clothes and heels but of course that doesn’t reduce my work pressure; I do it because I like it;

YES, I am a working woman and I might have an external support system but I still have a clock running in my mind constantly that monitors all the moves and instances by those external helps;

YES, I am a working woman but I still make sure to enjoy motherhood even in the time crunches and I take pleasure in spending time with my kid as much as any other mother does;

YES, I am a working woman but of course it’s like one more plug-in and not substitute to any of my different other roles that I play from a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law and most importantly a mother;

YES, I am a working woman and I carry an attitude of confidence and independence but I am also a loving and caring person;